Zero carb – almost a week in…

and I am writing this post on a Saturday night drinkning black coffee, instead of the usual glass of red wine, or a nice bourbon. Zero carb means zero alcohol, and no pouring cream in my coffee, as per the norm.

I started the zero carb ‘diet’ on Monday morning after witnessing some pretty impressive posts on Twitter and a few articles online. Being involved with the Paleo movement since 2011, I have been on a low carb diet for quite a while, so going all-out and removing the last remaining carbs shouldn’t be too hard should it?

One of the main sources of my insperation for the change of diet has been a chap on Twitter called Shawn Baker, you can view his feed here. He basically is a full-blown carnivore and tearing it up; aged 50 he is starting to backflip, he can still dunk and regularily pushes his Concept 2 rowing machine to the brink of failure – he even holds some World Records on this. His Twitter feed is pretty much a day to day diary of getting leaner and stronger, on this all-meat & egg diet – sounds too good to be true? We’ll I’m giving it a go.

So, I started my Journey on Monday morning and took the below measurements using my trusty Tanita scales – I wrote a previous post of these, and what the various measurements mean here.

Body Fat (%) Muscle Mass (Kg) Visceral Fat Weight (Kg)
24/04/2017 10.1 62.2 3 72.8
01/05/2017 9.8 60.1 2 70.1
08/05/2017 TBC TBC TBC TBC
15/05/2017 TBC TBC TBC TBC
22/05/2017 8.6 59.4 2 68.4
29/05/2017 TBC TBC TBC TBC

The more astute of you, as well as the true geeks who want to see the impact and effect on my blood work, as well as my blood glucose levels are going to be dissappointed. Alas, the purpose of this test is for me to feel better, and look better – I don’t have the spare cash to run these tests, nor have I got a blood glucose monitor already.

As it stands, I am not feeling too different in myself, but that isn’t too much of a surprise as I am a lot closer to ZC than most already. Some people will be wondering about bowel movements, being effectively zero fibre as well. The good news is that they are normal, just slowing down somewhat. I’d expect to see some true results next week around what to expect going forward.

This week I have not done anything different in terms of exersise, just keeping active on the farm. Next week I’ll start with some generic bodyweight exersises and see what the effect is there. NB: I am not in this to get massively powerful, or excessively ripped – I just want to be as healthy as I can, without taking meds, or spending all of my time in a gym.

I see this as the start of a long journey, and will be ultra strict until I have a month under my belt, when I will write another post and link back to it here. My diet has been based on eggs, steaks, chicken thighs, pork chops, lamb chops, seafood, tea, coffee and ghee. That’s it. After a month, I suspect that I’ll add cream to my tea and coffee again as I do not have any adverse reactions to dairy and my consumption of cream is minimal.

The diet is proving to be reasonably expensive as you can imagine, so I am planning to get more chickens for the eggs, and learn how to butcher my own livestock…

Anyway, that’s enough on this story for now so watch this space for updates.

UPDATE #1:01/05/17: I have just updated the staticstics from this morning, and as expected my body fat was down, as well as my visceral fat and weight. Unexpectedly my muscle mass was down 2Kg – I suspect that this is due to a degree of dehydration so will keep a close eye on my fluid intake, as well as my stats next week. Feeling good though and sleeping like a baby!



4 thoughts on “Zero carb – almost a week in…

      1. It was tough overall mentally. I did it for like 5+ months. But you need carbs so try at least 25 grams a day for your health. The tough aspect was having donuts, Chinese food, subs, and other tasty food in front of you and you cant eat it. SO self control is the toughest aspect of it. Dont give in. Dont go for months either. I would know. Be safe and be healthy


      2. I thought as much – after a month of being super-strict I will be adding something each week. The first week will be cream, then avocado! Probably followed by red wine and later bourbon 😉

        Thanks for the update, I really appreciate the input!

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