Last updated: December 9, 2016

Public disclosure is required by certain programs, events, vendors, and the FCC. Furthermore, I believe in “blogging with integrity” (yes, I have signed the pledge) such that my readers should be able to trust what I write as my own opinion, and be able to discern anything promotional. I promise to make disclosures on individual pages where appropriate, and to only endorse products and services which I believe in.


Juniper Networks


Since October 2013, I have been a Juniper Networks Ambassador. The Juniper Ambassador program is a group of select individuals who are recognised for their community outreach and interactions, as well as the promotion of Juniper Networks solutions. Whilst I love the solutions, products and services offered by Juniper Networks, neither my employment, nor my position as a Juniper Networks Ambassador unduly influences my opinions, or writings. An obvious exception being that I am predominately involved in projects focused on Juniper Networks platforms and solutions, and my experiences will sometimes reflect this.

NDA Checks

On occasion, I will send some of my blog posts to a vendor or 3rd party to ensure that I have not breached any NDA by writing about items that were disclosed to me during various vendor and 3rd party engagements and briefings. Editorial rights to my posts remain with me, and I choose when and how to respond to feedback from vendors and 3rd parties.