Movember 2016 – another moustache growing month…

So, 2016 will be the fourth time that I’ve participated in ‘Movember’. It will be my biggest year yet, with a financial target, as well as a health target to meet. The financial target is $1000 and the health goal, whilst modest is set at 10,000 steps per-day for November.

10,000 steps doesn’t seem like much, but being office-based, and a commute time of 3-5 hours makes this fairly tricky (Mon-Fri anyway). I’ve posted an image of my step count for the month of October, so you’ll see that some days are fairly active, others not so much!


As well as the official fitness (step-based) goal, I’m going to take the opportunity to spend the month eating as cleanly as possible and doing regular exercise. In order to track this, I have taken my body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat and weight measurements and will do a weekly update, as well as a final check on progress.

Body Fat (%) Muscle Mass (Kg) Visceral Fat Weight (Kg)
01/11/2016 10 61.1 2 71.4
08/11/2016 8.7 61.4 2 70.8
15/11/2016 8.7 60.8 2 70
22/11/2016 TBC TBC TBC TBC
29/11/2016 TBC TBC TBC TBC
01/12/2016 TBC TBC TBC TBC

This year I have also set up a team for Movember the ‘NEC Nose Bugs’, so that colleagues can either join in, or at least donate to the company page – this will be a nice addition to any social media work that I do. You can see my personal page here and the company page here.

If anyone feels inclined to make a donation to personal page, or the company team then Thank You! Movember is a really great charity and it’s a lot of fun taking part – in good spirit of Movember, I’ll be adding photographs of my progress on this blog post each and every day – including a video at the end, so you’ll be able to see how little my moustache grows over a calendar month.

Update 08/11/2016: I’ve updated the table to reflect the latest measurements. It’s working!

Update 17/11/2016: I’ve updated the table to reflect the latest measurements. You’ll notice that my muscle mass was down, this will be partally down to dehydration, but mostly through not eating enough…

Many thanks,


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