On the 1st of November I started to participate in Movember for the 4th time – this year, I am not only growing a moustache for charity, but I am making a fitness target for the first time. It’s a very basic target of 10,000 steps every day for the month – a total of 300,000 steps.

As I’m actively monitoring my fitness over the month and providing daily updates on how I’m doing (you can view these updates on Movember here), I thought that I’d also record my Body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat % and weight – this way I can tell whether I have put on muscle / loss fat etc. I also made the decision to be consistent with my decision to follow the Paleo lifestyle.

I’ve been on-off Paleo since I met a good friend, Pavel Fedorov (below) in Mendoza, Argentina for a summit attempt on the highest peak outside of Asia, Aconcagua (6962M). Pavel introduced me to this way of life, which seemed perfect for me -eat well, train hard but rest well and try to reduce stress. Pavel also has a blog and he writes a lot more than me, follow his Worldwide travels here.


I try to be good, but when I travel, especially to the US I struggle – I AM BEING GOOD ALL MONTH! I have zero Internal travel scheduled and I am committed to getting fitter and healthier this month.

This is the first post I am writing on me being Paleo, what it means to me and what good a low-carb, high-protein and fat diet can do to your body. I’ll update the table on my ‘Movember’ post and have a local copy here for reference – it’s only a month, but some stats will change, hopefully for the better.

Body Fat (%) Muscle Mass (Kg) Visceral Fat Weight (Kg)
01/11/2016 10 61.1 2 71.4
08/11/2016 8.7 61.4 2 70.8
15/11/2016 8.7 60.8 2 70
22/11/2016 TBC TBC TBC TBC
29/11/2016 TBC TBC TBC TBC
01/12/2016 TBC TBC TBC TBC

The first weigh-in is tomorrow morning and I am somewhat nervous. I’ve watched what I have consumed, but I’ve not been anywhere near as active as I wanted, so who knows what the results are going to be like.

I’m also going to make a considerable effort to spend more time enjoying myself, riding the Ducati, windsurfing and fooling around with my power kite.

Update 08/11/2016: I’ve updated the table to reflect the latest measurements. It’s working!

Update 17/11/2016: I’ve updated the table to reflect the latest measurements. You’ll notice that my muscle mass was down, this will be partally down to dehydration, but mostly through not eating enough…



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